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The way of shopping that is growing every day!  Accelerated by the COVID pandemic, online buying is skyrocketing.  Traveling to stores is not necessary because the products the consumer wants are at their fingertips.

Customer loyalty is shifting towards convenience!

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Should I be selling online?

"Don't know if my products are sellable on line"

Not every business has a product line that is a "fit" for eCommerce.

We've seen with the success of Etsy and other product driven site companies, specially made items are a natural for online purchasing.

You may have some products in your store that can be sold online.  We can help you determine that or even expand with additional products or services for online sales.  


Make sure that you have enough inventory of those items to cover multiple orders.  Make it clear when an item is out of stock.  Frustrated shoppers unable to get their purchase through will become disconnected.

"Getting things in place for online selling"

There are many facets that need to be set up to do online sales.

First, you need to have an inventory of products to sell.

We will help you set up your payment software.  PayPal, Square and Stripe are common, but there are other systems too.  We anticipate more services being offered through financial institutions in the future as well.

Shipping and additional fees need to be set up that works the best for your business's bottom line.

Policies will need to be created to cover your business legally and for peace of mind for the buyer.

"Ways to set up your Store"

There are a variety of ways to get started with your online store.


If we are creating a new web site, the online store will be part of the design.

If you are adding an online store to your existing site, we'd need to build that through your current web design software.

There are 3rd party options for stores, but be prepared for service fees, annual subscriptions, % of sales, etc.

These stores would be linked to your web site.  Keep in mind that the customer will actually leave your site and go to that store site.  That may be a concern if the customer wants to go back to your store site after their purchase.

"Ways to Promote"

There are multiple ways to promote your eCommerce efforts.

Make the store very prominent on your business web site.  Should have easy access with banners/links on the home page.

Promote with links to the store on your social media posts.  Offer product information, new arrivals, specials, discounts, etc. when promoting the store at all times as you brand your online shopping services.

Upsell your customers who shop physically at your store.  Make them aware that after they leave they can still buy products from your business.  If they purchased something at your store, offer them a promo code for a discount on their next purchase online.

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Paws to remember this...

  • Make sure that your online store is run like your store.  Products are visible and available.  Prices and any other information about the product(s) are easy to see and find.

  • Offer discounts randomly.  Don't just wait for a holiday or anniversary to offer a special deal.

  • Offer gift cards or certificates that people can buy online that could be used for gifts for family and friends..

  • Consider shipping discounts for big purchases.  Push that if they spend a certain amount of $s they get a discount.  When it comes to shipping savings, they will be buy additional products to get the deal, especially free shipping.

  • Make sure if you are taking pictures of your products, they are high quality and look inviting.  It pays to stage a photo to get the sale than just taking a picture of it sitting on a table or shelf.  Make them look professional and inviting.

  • Give details about the product.  Don't assume the potential buyer knows all about what you are selling.  Size, weight, choices, stories behind the creation of the product, etc.

  • Always make sure you have a system in place to thank them for their purchase.  Even a reminder that they started an order and it's still pending.  Engage with the customer even though they are buying online.  That connection will lead to loyalty, more sales and word of mouth to other potential customers.

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