About Us

TOP DOG MARKETING has decades of experience in marketing and promotions.  We can evaluate your marketing strategies assessing what the sources would work best for you.

TOP DOG MARKETING guarantees prompt changes and updates on your web site, compared to long waits and high hourly rates from other web site designers.  Our strength is being able to work with any size business and give them the marketing strategies to generate more store traffic and increased revenue.

Your business can count on us when creating & putting your marketing plan in action.  You cannot afford to make mistakes with your marketing strategies.


We will guide you through the necessary steps to make your marketing work.  Branding, logo, quality ad campaigns, accountability for your ad dollars.  

Web Site Design

Do you hide from your customers each week?  Of course not, but if you don't have a good presence on the Internet, that's exactly what you're doing!

Does your business have a presence on the Internet?  If not, why? This is not an expense, but an investment.


Having a strong presence on line is a needed to insure your business growth on all fronts.  We're a digital world now and if you aren't visible on that platform, you will not survive.

TOP DOG MARKETING designs high quality web sites & maintains it according to our clients' needs.


We can help optimize your online presence while staying within your budget.

Marketing Assessment

Is your advertising working?  Do you know which media works for your business? Do you even have a marketing plan?  What's your ROI?

TOP DOG MARKETING will assess your marketing efforts and come back with a strategy that will help grow your business.  You cannot afford to market your business without a game plan.  

Digital Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, E-Newsletters, E-Commerce, Mobile Marketing and many more are all valuable tools in marketing your business products & services.  


TOP DOG MARKETING can help analyze which forms of Digital Marketing best fits your needs and budget.  It is truly a 24/7 Marketing tool that a business cannot afford to not utilize.


Let us help you get these strong marketing tools working for your business!  Contact us today!

What Our Clients Are Saying...


Our Board of Directors requested we call Steve Peterson at Top Dog Marketing. Working with Steve was a great experience. Once contacted, Steve worked promptly, efficiently and had our best interests in mind. He presented us with a sample website within a few days, and quickly combined his ideas and ours, designing an attractive and easy to manipulate website.


Our whole board is very pleased with the result. Steve gave us a fair price and he responds to all of the changes (being a theatre, we need many) promptly. Steve is a professional, with a pleasant manner. We are looking forward to a great working relationship with Top Dog Marketing for many years.


Steve went above and beyond any web-site designer and host.  The integration that he used for area attractions, events, points of interest was a complete market program in itself.  I was incredibly pleased that on-line reservations are completely seamless and all calendars are updated immediately. 


Steve is very well connected in all aspects of marketing and especially the tourism element of my business. He made the entire development of the website so simple but on target. Every element that I wanted to emphasize was done immediately. Steve is a one-stop shop that can be relied upon to listen to your needs and to deliver the website just as you had envisioned.


I contacted Steve to let him know what I was looking for and he offered many helpful suggestions—things that I might want to incorporate into my design. He listened carefully to my feedback, and went ahead and created a new site for Scrappin’ on Ranch checking in with me many times during the process to ensure that he was on the right track.


The result was even better than I had hoped. As I wanted, multiple and purposeful images and information dominate the site, creating the fun and welcoming feel that I was seeking. People find the site easily and it has brought us the web traffic increase I was hoping for. I highly recommend Steve at Top Dog Marketing from start to finish, he was professional and supportive of me as a small business owner and of Scrappin’ on the Ranch’s desire to provide a user-friendly site for our guests.


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