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Top Dog Marketing


Sharing Experience for Successes

Top Dog Marketing

The Lead Dog

Even in "dog years" Steve Peterson has decades of experience in the media industry.  His expertise, knowledge and market approaches led to many successful radio stations, TV stations and syndicated shows.


Steve's career included many start-up radio stations along with marketing strategies to not only compete in competitive media markets, but become leaders in those markets.

During his media career, Steve created many award-winning promotions and took the lead in the early days when the Internet was just becoming a factor in the media business.

Steve also has years of experience in economic development and tourism.  During that part of his career, he worked with many businesses who were starting up and/or expanding their footprints.  Steve served on many regional and State economic development boards because of his successes and leadership.


He worked with tourism destinations all across the State of Wisconsin.  From his days at Discover Wisconsin TV to serving on many tourism boards in the State.  Steve also worked with many destinations who were starting businesses or expanding their tourism efforts.

These experiences and contacts have led to many successes for both our clients and Top Dog Marketing!

Top Dog Marketing

How it all Started

Taking a chapter out of his own economic development book, Steve started Top Dog Marketing because he saw a need in the web site design business.

His wife was starting her own business and was struggling getting a web site designer to do her web site.  Frustrated, Steve decided to learn to design the web site for her new business.

After completion of the site, word of mouth led to friends asking Steve to do a web site for their business, organization or in some cases their band.  That led to creating Top Dog Marketing.

Years later, over 70 web sites have been created and maintained by Top Dog Marketing.  Those numbers will continue to grow.  Numerous marketing strategies have been created for many businesses as well, in an ever changing media world out there.

The basis of Top Dog Marketing is to offer high quality web site design, digital marketing and overall marketing assessments and strategies for small businesses and non-profit organizations that have very limited budgets and resources.

Another emphasis that Top Dog Marketing is proud of is the promptness of getting web site design work and updates done.  While other designers may take weeks, or even months to get changes done on a site, we get changes made many times within hours.  Our clients need their sites to be current and correct. 


Time and costs are a big concern and we always strive to over-deliver in all facets of our work.

We look forward to working with you in the future!  We are here for your marketing needs, regardless of your budget constraints.

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