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When creating your marketing strategy we ask the questions you have to answer honestly.

Top Dog Marketing

Let's start with the basics....


Do you have a web site?   If the answer is "no" you are basically invisible to your potential customers.  It's like being open, but don't turn on the lights so customers know you are there.  Don't base your decision on a web site on how you personally feel about one.  Your business will not survive without a digital presence.

Do you consider a Facebook page as having a web site?   It's not!  Look at a web site as your physical building.  Facebook is just you having a conversation with someone.  When the conversation is over, nothing more happens.  Social media is a secondary digital marketing tool,  not your web site.  Your web site is promoting 24/7.  Your exposure on social media lasts as long as the discussion.  And if you aren't active on your platform you've compounded the problem.


Is your marketing/advertising based on what you can afford or do you have a plan?  The days of the same old ways of advertising is over.  Your customer is hooked to their phone and seek immediate information based on almost spontaneous decisions.  The days of just buying ads on the radio station, newspaper, TV station and print flyers are gone.  Those media platforms are still viable to a point, but digital marketing is THE major vehicle for consumer purchases.  The silver lining is that your marketing budget can go farther with creating a digital marketing approach.

Let's get more specific....

Computer Keyboard

What We Are Looking at

Web Site

  • Make sure you create a web site that mirrors your business and/or services.  This is your "first impression" with a new customer.

  • Your site visit should be a pleasant experience for the visitor.  If it takes too long to find what they are looking for or they become frustrated, they quickly leave your site.  For some, they will not come back.  We will design the site so moving around the site is easy and informative.

  • You have a choice of doing the updates to your site.  We can do the admin work for you or we can train you or a staff member to do the admin work.

  • You won't suffer "sticker shock" when committing to a new web site or an upgrade of your current one.  We work with small businesses and non-profits who have limited budgets.  You'll be surprised how strong of a web site we can create without breaking the bank.

Social Media

  • Choose the platforms that work for your needs:

    • Who's your target audience?​

    • Will it grow my customer base?

    • How am I going to use it to grow my business?

  • Only add the social media platforms that fit your business and the ones you know you will be able to stay active on.  It's better not to be on a social media platform than to be on it and never be active and connected to your followers.

Top Dog Marketing

Mobile Connection

  • You will have a mobile version of your web site that is customized for the phone user. 

  • We can create an app for your business or use a QR Code where the phone user can scan the code and it automatically connects your site on their smartphone.


  • This is easier to set up on your web site than you may think.  You will be connecting with potential customers who would never have gone to your store due to distance or time.

  • You will be building your bottom line with online sales.  It's like having your store open 24/7. 

  • Online customers are very comfortable using eCommerce and some make most of their purchases through their phone.  

  • If your business is product driven or your organization hosts events we can create an eCommerce function on your site for purchases.  

  • We would set up your payment account along with shipping, policies, etc.

Standard Media

  • We will do a media assessment on the standard advertising options - radio, TV, newspaper, billboards, posters, flyers, inserts, etc.

  • Biggest impact needed when using these forms of advertising:

    • Where & when are you advertising?

    • Does the ad buy target your audience?

    • What's the Return on Investment?

Top Dog Marketing
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