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How valuable would it be for your business if you were open 24/7 and customers could learn about your business or better yet, purchase your products and services anytime of the day.

That's what a quality web site can do for you!

Top Dog Marketing

What's a good Web Site?

Top Dog Marketing

Paws to remember this...

  • If you don't have a web site, your business or organization is invisible!  We will take the "fear" and "don't have the time" out of the equation.  Society is based on digital communication now and this has to be your marketing tool to stay connected and viable.

  • Your site has to be functional first!  Do not make your site look like an arcade game with all kinds of motion and graphic overload.  Your site visitor is wanting information, not fighting the site to get what they are looking for.

  • The amount of site pages and content does not make it a good site.  Create your site with the information you want the visitor to know about.  The simpler the site the better.  You want them as a customer or member.  Their first impression may be influenced heavily on how they feel when on your web site.  Don't have unnecessary pages and content that you really don't need.  Facts....not fluff!

  • Your site should be structured and stable.  Don't change things constantly just because you think it needs changing.  A visitor is not a daily one.  Your social media platforms are meant for immediate info, not your web site.  Stay current with your information on your site, but constant changes is just unproductive, time consuming and costly.

Top Dog Marketing
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