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Mobile Connection

Might be the "single" most game changer in marketing.  The evolution of the smartphone has created a non-stop link to the user.  Our phones do almost everything these days and is intertwined with everyone's day-to-day life.

It's our lifeline and having a mobile connection is critical for  businesses and organizations.  If you are not "connected" at some level, your life faces struggles in some areas.

Top Dog Marketing

What's considered being connected?

"Web Site looks good on a phone"

A web site look on a personal computer used to be all you had to be concerned with.  Not anymore!

We ensure that when your web site is designed that a mobile version of your site is also designed correctly.

More visitors will visit your web site using their phone than a computer or tablet.

It is just as critical that the visitor has a good experience on your mobile site as the PC site.  Moving around the site and getting the information easily is key, especially if you have an online store for purchasing products and services.

"Doing business on your phone"

One of the biggest growth in mobile phone usage is the explosion of eCommerce spending.

The public has embraced online shopping and no longer is afraid of using their credit card or ordering products to be shipped.

Reservations, setting appointments, scheduling virtual meetings on your phone is a daily function these days.

We will work with you on the mobile options that may fit your business or organization.  It may lead to expanding with an eCommerce feature on your site or registration forms.

"Connecting with Customers"

Don't be afraid to ask current and potential customers for permission marketing with gathering email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers.

Texting and messaging campaigns have value for businesses that offer daily or weekly specials.  Just make sure that the special has enough value to justify contacting your customer.

Stay connected by making sure your customers are following your social media platforms.  It's very easy for them to stay engaged with their phones.  Again, make sure you offer valuable content to the customer so they continue being engaged with you on social media.

"Ways to Connect"

Making it very easy for the customer to connect with your business or organization is priority #1.  Make it simple and seamless.

Offering a subscription form on your site for their email address and/or phone is common.

Gathering their mobile phone # allows a connection by texting.  Make sure that your text has value and they know it's you.  Do not be a pest or they will block you.

QR Codes have become very popular as you connect by using your phone camera.  It directly takes you to your web site with no typing.

Top Dog Marketing

Paws to remember this...

  • If you have a web site now, check how it looks on a mobile phone.  You may be shocked that it's cluttered and hard to read on a phone.  Part of your site may not even be visible.  Don't assume just because you have a good looking site on a computer and tablet that it looks the same on a phone.

  • Be prepared to have a more simpler look to your site on a mobile phone.  Nothing wrong with that.  The visitor wants easy access and quick answers, not a bunch of eye candy.

  • If you are offering online shopping make sure that your products are very visible and the store is easy to move around on with a phone.  It could be the difference of a buy or not.

  • Don't be afraid to connect to your customer with a text message.  Offer a special that they would be very interested in because of the discount price or a short time frame to purchase.  Mobile shopping is an emotional buy and happens rapidly.

  • Always use all avenues for a mobile phone user to connect with your business.  A QR code is the easiest and is very popular with the user because it's quick and the phone camera automatically recognizes it and they just tap their screen and it goes right to your mobile web site. 

Top Dog Marketing
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