Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become a way of life for businesses & customers, personally and professionally.  It is the most instant contact your business can have with current or potential customers.  


TOP DOG MARKETING will help set up your digital marketing strategies and use the best advertising options available on the Social Networks.  Your business cannot afford to ignore the impact of Social Marketing.


Social Network

Social Networking is the fastest growing communication resource and shows no signs of slowing down.  Businesses should not be afraid of using Social Marketing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, E-Newsletters, E-Commerce, Mobile Marketing are all valuable tools in marketing your business products & services. We'll analyze which forms of Social Marketing best fits your needs and budget.  It's truly a 24/7 Marketing tool that you cannot afford to not utilize.


E-Newsletters can be very effective if businesses create a vast e-mail database.  Very inexpensive and has a very high viewing rate.  Too many times a business has a current or potential customer's e-mail address and does nothing with it.


Use those e-mail contacts and create a database that you use to stay connected with your customers.  TOP DOG MARKETNG can create an

E-Newsletters in a wide variety of templates and schedule out your release dates.  


This is a valuable tool in offering updated info about your products and /or services.  You could offer coupons and specials and increase traffic to your store and web site.

Ordering Online


If your business sells products in your store, there's a good chance you can also sell them on line as well.  It is very inexpensive to set up an E-Commerce store on your web site.  The feature adds a lot of value to your site and is very secure and safe.  


TOP DOG MARKETING can help set up your on line store, take pictures of your products and set up the payment format on line.  You can do specials on your products, offer discounts through coupons & discount codes. Great way to move product, promote new products, moving older or discontinued product or offering sales on line and in your store.

If your products can be reordered when the customer runs out, remind your customers when they purchase your items that they can reorder on line.  Or if they saw something in your store and didn't buy then, they can always go on line later and purchase the item.


With an E-Commerce web site, it's like having your business open for business 24/7!

Mobile Marketing


The most portable form of marketing.  With the pandemic, many businesses are now doing more business on mobile with food ordering and ordering products ahead of time.  


With the constant evolution of the smartphone, you really have the entire Internet at your fingertips.  Mobile marketing can be done with a very inexpensive texting campaign, to couponing, QR codes and apps for mobile web sites.


TOP DOG MARKETING will evaluate your business's options with mobile marketing and create a campaign that generates revenue and works with your budget.